Pennant Hills, New South Wales

Hi everyone,

I got a call from a private number the other day from someone named ‘Simon Hinkley’ from a company called ‘West Pennant Binary Group’ located in West Pennant Hills NSW. He claimed they could make guaranteed profit from Binary Options Trading. Apparently they offer a SMS alert service for $2,500 per annum. He claimed they could give me a week’s trial for a 50% deposit - fully refundable.

I tried to find them on the internet but couldn’t find anything. When I asked he said that they don’t advertise their service’s to the general public because too many people placing the same trades would ruin the market. He emailed me a statement that looked really good and gave me a link to a website with more information that looked really professional. Having tried Binary Options trading and failing miserably I decided to give it a go. After paying them the deposit of $1250 they disappeared, I tried emailing them to no-avail and the number he gave me was disconnected.

Looking back the warning signs were there, I should have done an ASIC search or at least tried the phone number – rookie mistake but they were very convincing and it all happened so quickly. If you get a call from West Pennant Binary Group – stay away – it’s a scam.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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